Who Am I?

Sam Guest

Sam - Tantrum

I always thought my dream was to be a Royal Marine so when I messed up the Commando Course it sent me on a quest to understand Human Optimal Performance and where I’d gone wrong.

After years of study however I realised that it was’t my body which had let me down. While I’d been highly motivated in my quest to become a Marine, what is really required for exceptional results and what I’d been missing…was INSPIRATION.

Since then I’ve been combining the knowledge I gained in optimal nutrition and exercise techniques with cutting edge lab testing and state of the art knowledge in biohacking, lifestyle design and peak performance, with the most awesome adventures I can imagine to enable myself and my clients to take their lives to the next level.

I help people of all ages and backgrounds to live a life they never thought possible and feel YEARS younger by working on the one variable they have total control over…themselves.

All using the revolutionary (No) Tantrum system to build incredible energy, engage rapid learning and activate the flow state to get better results…faster.