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The Secret To Feeling Amazing (and it’s so easy)

Back when I was 16 there was this girl I really fancied…

Her name was Lucy but we all just called her “The Legs.”

She never looked at me, hell she probably didn’t even know I existed, after all I was a geek who liked playing Warhammer 40k, she was a Goddess of the playground.

Then I got my first car, it was a red Astra 1.8 Turbo….my God I loved that car and I devised the perfect plan to make sure Lucy noticed me.

Now back in those days speed was king, he who drove fastest was the coolest and, more importantly, got the girls, or so I reasoned.

So I searched everywhere and found a guy who could get me the highest octane fuel known to man (or at least to a goofy lad of 16) this stuff was literally rocket fuel.

I filled my baby up and that night offered Lucy a lift home. The gods were on my side and it was raining pretty hard otherwise I don’t think she’d ever have accepted, but she got in and my heart started pounding. 

This is it,” I thought…“glory, the envy of every other boy in school and death by sex awaits.”

I turned the key, slipped the car into gear and stepped on the gas.

The car jumped forward like a rabbit that’s seen a hawk, came to a bone juddering stop…

…and never moved again.

The look on Lucy’s face as she climbed out of the car into the pouring rain still haunts me to this day.

So why am I telling you this?

Well I see so many people making the same mistake I made with my car in the world of health, fitness and performance.

They want to feel better, to be a better kiter, surfer, parent, lover or boss or just want more out of life, so they instantly look for the hacks, the quick fixes, the sexy stuff…

Nootropics, fancy workouts, the in vogue anti ageing technique, the latest supplement or fad diet which will give them mind bending results.

What they don’t realise is that just like my car, if they don’t have the underlying engine in place, which for us means if they haven’t mastered the basic fundamentals and are doing them on a daily basis so their body is already a sports car.

If they aren’t doing this then they add these hacks on top, it’s like putting Rocket Fuel in a Skoda. The body literally shakes itself apart trying to handle this new found fuel.

Leading to them feeling worse in the long run and often doing damage to the body they are trying to make perform better.

So what are these fundamentals?

  • Breath
  • Hydration
  • Sleep
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Stress Management (this includes so many sub categories I could be here all day!)

Get these fundamentals consistently right, use them to turn your body into a finely tuned sports car, then when you do add the rocket fuel your car will go like greased lightning.

If you want my help doing this just send me a Whatsapp by clicking the button below.

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