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Tantrum Kitesurf Is Dead…Long Live Tantrum

Now a lot of you have noticed I’ve been going in a different direction recently, one not quite so related to the technical aspects of kitesurfing. Many of you have asked me what’s happening…so I wanted to take some time to explain. In March, 2020 I was ready to start a new season, bookings were rolling in and everything was looking great. Then a certain “virus related incident” happened, all our bookings were cancelled and I realised Tantrum Kitesurf had to shift fast or we were finished. To be honest it actually came as something of a relief.  You see for a few years I’ve been noticing something… Something we were missing in our teaching, something everyone who came to us to kitesurf was missing, something which was way more important than how good our instructors were or how much the wind blew. When your computer starts to slow down you have 2 options to make it run faster.  You can upgrade the software. Re-write all the code so it’s more efficient, less memory intensive and so takes less juice to run. The problem with this? It’s expensive, it takes ages and costs a hell of a lot.  Alternatively you can just stick in a better processor, add some extra memory and the thing runs like grease lightning again. It was this which all of us were missing… We ran Unlimited Hours Courses and had people at the beach for up to 9 hours a day. For a long time we gave them no advice before hand to prepare them and were then disappointed when they couldn’t keep up with the pace.We’d get people come who were totally out of shape and after 2 days they were smoked and couldn’t do anymore.People who hadn’t learnt a new skill in 20 years and then took ages to progress or learn a new technique.People who hadn’t looked after themselves in years and were broken the morning after a long day on the water having to literally drag themselves to the beach despite the fact they’d saved up for ages and paid a lot to come on this holiday… We were all missing the fundamental, absolute basic, #1 step…and it’s something I see repeated across all industries, all walks of life… No matter what you are doing, what you are trying to learn or improve you MUST start with the hardware… YOUR Hardware! If you are fitter and stronger, if your brain learns more quickly, if you can recover faster in between sessions, if you get injured less, if your body and brain are more agile…  In short, if your hardware is working optimally…  Installing new software (such as that required to learn to kitesurf) is easy, as the hardware can train harder, learns faster, recovers much quicker and so can practice for many more hours while enjoying the whole process a lot more. So back in March I made a decision… Combining my experience teaching extreme sports with my work as a peak performance coach…and teaming up with experts in several other human performance related fields. (who I’ll introduce you to over the coming…

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