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30 Day Carnivore (ish) Diet Challenge

“Eat nothing but meat for the next 30 days, I dare you.” These were the words my friends uttered to me a few weeks ago while we were having a roof top BBQ, at the time full of bravado, and a few too many vino’s my immediate answer was, “challenge accepted.” Waking up the next day to his text reminder of what I’d agreed to I started to feel a little less confident…meat for 30 days…Really? Surely that’s not good for me, it may even kill me.  Needless to say I started to do some research into what I had got myself into.  Much to my surprise there is actually a LOT of anecdotal evidence from some top names (Ben Greenfield, Joe Rogan) saying it works, there are also some MD’s advocating it, Paul Saladino being one of its chief scientific proponents.…they’re not quite sure why but often, for me, the “if it works” is more important than the why it works and let science catch up in 20 years time. I started to feel a little better and thought maybe I could actually do this.  If what these guys were saying was true it may even give me extra energy and sort my sleep out once and for all. I’ve created a daily vblog on my YouTube channel documenting the journey for those of you interested in following along…you can check out the playlist here >> (make sure you subscribe and click the bell to get notification when I post the next instalment) Now this diet is controversial both in terms of its health effects and particularly amongst those who believe meat is killing the planet. I’m not going to go into this in this email but needless to say I’ve done my research and all my meat comes from sustainable, grass fed sources where the cattle are slaughtered humanely and as often as I can from providers whose farming methods actually improves the environment. I’ll go into this in a later video as it’s not quite as simple as a lot of Netflix documentaries would have us believe. Sam.😎🤙Owner of Tantrum & Creator of The NTX System ps. To follow along with my 30 day Carnivore Diet Challenge on YouTube  click here >> Unsubscribe | Change Subscriber Options I’ve emptied the kitchen of anything but meat (well nearly everything) and I’m about to embark on a 30 day trial of the carnivore diet. Every day I’ll be releasing a short video documenting the journey. DAY 1: Exercise 1.1 km Swim Meal 1: Liver with Olive Oil & Himalayan Black Salt3 Egg Yolks (raw)2 Tablespoons Sheep YogurtChicory Coffee and ButterExpresso Coffee Meal 2: Deer SteaksPrawnsBone BrothCreme FraicheAvocado3 Egg Yolks

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