Kitesurfing, Surfing, Trekking (and anything else cool we come across) Along The N. Shore Of Scotland

No plan, a tattered old map, a truck full of kit and a sense of adventure…

This will not be your normal, hold you by the hand, wrap you in cotton wool and pretend it’s an adventure…style adventure.

We’ll be asking you to get involved…washing dishes may be included, but so will helping us decide where to go, what to do and how to do it. 

Explore With Us

We’ve never been here before and we’ll be discovering it with you, so we don’t really know what to tell you to expect as we don’t know ourselves.

What we can tell you is, we will be staying in a range of accommodation from wild camping on the beaches to what ever is available. 

We’ll be hunting down unexplored kite and wave spots and some days we’ll be breaking out the walking boots and heading off in to the stunning countryside. If there’s other cool stuff to do up there and we fancy it, we’ll be doing that too!


Last 2 weeks of July

There is an option to do a drop in, drop out style holiday (ie. turn up on which ever day you can and leave whenever you need to). So if you can’t come for the whole 2 weeks just let us know when you can make it and we’ll see if we can work something out.


I’ll be charging you 200 quid for organising getting us to the start point. For that you’ll get my sparkling company, a HQ van where we will have cooking facilities when we choose to go wild and my input in formulating a plan. What you are not paying for is being under my responsibility, we are all adults and you will at all times be responsible for yourself and your own safety.

After that we will share all costs including the fuel for the HQ van. If we require other transport we’ll hire a car and split costs amongst everyone who’s using it, or if someone brings a car along just split fuel costs and a bit for wear and tear between the passengers.

I imagine this costing somewhere in the region of 500 – 1000 pounds depending on the level of luxury you require for your sleeping arrangements.


  • Kiting, surfing, walking kit. (activities are not compulsory and you can at any point decide to do your own thing)
  • Camping kit.
  • Anything else you’d normally take on an adventure holiday.
  • Ing you want to bring your own transport let us know as if your keen to carry other passenger and make some money back on the fuel we’ll see if we can sort it out.
  • A sense of adventure
  • Leave your hairdryer at home…


Acceptance is by application only, as it’s really important you understand what you’re getting into and that we’ll get on. That said, if this gets your heart pumping, just click the button below, drop me a message and I’ll take things from there.