Now You’ve Got Your Body In Shape, You’ve Got The Skills, It’s Time To Start Living An Inspired Life

Re-Ignite Adventures

Every year I set off on an Epic Adventure to show myself and anyone who wants to join me exactly what our newly Re-Ignited bodies are capable of. This could be anything from snowkiting across Greenland, to playing cowboys horse riding across Patagonia, to kayaking down the Amazon river, to epic kitesurfing downwinders in Brazil or chasing the wind and waves across the North shore of Scotland..

These will be unsupported and we’ll be going off the map, so for the fainthearted this is not, but if your up for REAL adventure and want to see just how far your Re-Ignited body can take you then I want to hear from you.

These will be by application only, as I want to make sure you’re fit enough for the challenge and that we’ll get on (if you’re one of my ex-coaching clients this will be an easy call!).

This year I’m aiming to do at least 2 trips, the first to the North coast of Scotland in the summer following the wind and waves and in the winter I’ll be snowkiting/skiing across Greenland or some of the Scandinavian countries (not sure which yet and will probably depend a little on the travel situation).

These will be unsupported and totally without a script, we’ll often just be waking up, dusting the snow (or rain in Scotland) off our sleeping bags and deciding “that way,” so I wont be holding your hand and will expect you to pull your weight…but I’ll also be asking for you input in how the trip should evolve and what you want to do and see.

These are REAL adventures. If you can’t live without a hair dryer I politely suggest you give this one a swerve. We’ll be pushing ourselves and moving way beyond our comfort zone so we can uncover our true selves and see just how awesome we really are!

The trips will last for a month but if you can’t make the whole month you can jump on and off as you like as long as you can arrange convenient airports, we’ll get you to a place where you’re connected with civilisation again so you can make your flight.

We’ll be living the lifestyle I preach so expect great food, a healthy dose of biohacks, early nights and early starts (a drinking holiday this will NOT be) and a tonne of laughs.

You don’t have to have gone through the (No) Tantrum System to take part but you will need to be at a decent level of fitness to really get the most of these holidays.

If this gets your heart racing then give me a shout, I’d love to hear from you and see if we’re a fit.