1 Day Surf Coast and Optimal Health Walk – Tarifa


Passing over and through some of the most beautiful beaches the world has to offer. Taking in old abandoned war emplacements with views out over onto Morocco this is a day you’ll never forget.

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Walking the iconic coastline of the Costa de la Luz. These walks start every morning at 9am.

Trekking the rugged coastline from Tarifa to Getares under the watchful eyes of the local vultures who will generally be following along, this is a day you’ll never forget.

For any keen bird watchers out there, this is also the spot where all migratory birds pass over on their journey to or from Africa so depending on the time of year you can see some amazing species.

The walk will be around 5-6 hours where we will be walking as a group (so if you’re a bit slower no problem!). We’ll be taking plenty of rest breaks and you’ll only be carrying a day sack. Lunch is provided, but you’ll need to bring your own water.

More Than A Walk

Here at Tantrum we treat this much more than a walk. We believe each adventure is a chance to discover a little more about yourself, to find out what you’re capable of, to inspire you with what is possible for life. We also believe being in nature is the quickest way to tap into the unlimited magic of your own biology.

For that reason we’ll be showing how you can maximise your biology whilst you’re out here with us and will be building in the principles of our famous NTX system right into the heart of the adventures we run so you can experience the benefits of our optimal health program over the weekend.

With the idea being you’ll not only have a great time but you’ll feel a LOT better at the end of the adventure than you did at the start.

To that end all the food we provide will be local, organic and, if meat or fish, raised in the environment it was designed to live in. (grass fed, wild caught etc). We’ll be showing you how you can prepare for and recover faster from the strains of the day so you don’t ache and feel better after walking for 6 hours than you did before hand!

Most people find they learn enough about optimal health that they take that knowledge home with them and keep on losing the weight afterwards.

We’ll also be showing you how you can get in great shape (so you can do more and more crazy adventures) without spending hours in the gym but how you can instead build it right into your lifestyle.

What’s Included:

  • Lunch – prepared to our exacting standards and designed to give you energy whilst being highly nutritious, delicious, healthy and helping you to shed weight.
  • Guide for your days walking
  • Full NTX Program included – so you leave feeling younger than when you arrived

When you book just let us know which day you’re booking for and we’ll make the rest happen.

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