Re-energise, Re-connect, Re-ignite your team’s performance

And Create A Workplace Your People Will Bounce Out Of Bed To Work In


More and more businesses are realising the way they look after their teams has a direct impact on their bottom line. Leaders need to prioritise the health and performance of their teams if they are to thrive.

  • Shift your team from burnout and disinterest; to passion, vitality and energy for their jobs.
  • Deliver service levels you want your clients to experience
  • Increase your team’s initiative and ‘buy in’ by increasing their trust and loyalty in you.
  • Report on higher productivity
  • Reduce absence and sick days
  • Increase your team’s engagement levels 
  • Reduce your team’s stress and duress whilst getting better results.
  • Turn your team’s friction into cohesion
  • Understand your team’s dynamics perfectly so you get the best performance
  • Understand both sides of the coin, so that your team understand and appreciate the role of the leader, and you as a leader understand the concerns of your team.
  • Lead your remote work force and maintain your team dynamic at a distance.
  • Create a better bottom line for your business


Many businesses resemble a bus, a bus with all the wheels pointing in different directions.

So when the driver (The CEO) puts their foot on the pedal, the bus doesn’t always move in the direction and with the speed that is needed. 

The misaligned wheels represent different factors pulling in different directions, this could be your people who are in the wrong job, under-utilised teams which are demotivated as they feel let down by leadership; people approaching burnout and not engaged or simply apathetic with increased absence days.

It could be that some of your people even hate their job and the business, so they start to actively sabotage.

Sounds grim doesn’t it?

Do you really want to try to keep driving like that, crunching and juddering, driving your bus to a slow, exhausting death?

By re-energising, reconnecting and reigniting your team, we’ll get them to perform better at what they are good at. So they engage more, are happier, bounce out of bed to get to work and perform better in their role. Meaning the team works MUCH MORE cohesively and your life as a leader is that much easier.  

It also allows you to understand the impact your style of leadership has on your team and how to wield it better to gain traction and achieve frictionless results.

By harnessing the power of adventure in a natural, fun and engaging setting we’ll help you to understand your team’s performance dynamics, then use that information to optimise team performance and turn your team into a Pack

Taking the lessons learnt, we’ll apply them to your team and business, giving you a detailed masterplan, so you go home with the ‘knowhow’.

So you understand how to continue playing to the strengths you had in place but can also utilise your team more productively and efficiently, identify glaring holes and missed opportunities, and inspire your people to truly connect with your business.

So the wheels on your bus are aligned and forward motion is effortless. 

Just like accelerating!

If you are interested in improving your team’s performance with a program specifically tailored to your unique team needs get in touch and we’ll set it up.