Fighting Back Against Natural Muscle Loss

I’m utterly convinced the main reason we age is simply…

That we stop.

One example of this is Sarcopenia or muscle loss as we age. We used to think this was a genetic or metabolic thing, something pre programmed and inevitable.

Guess what?

Scientists have recently found it’s nothing of the sort, it’s actually more to do with the fact that we become more sedentary once we pass 40.

So in trying to work out how I was going to ensure that I can keep on doing the things I LOVE into my ripe old age my first question became…

”Ok so what is the main reason we stop?”

Looking around me at others my age the 2 main reasons I see, are:

  • #1 Injury, which then prevents people doing as much, which leads to them becoming more sedentary and more prone to injury in turn.
  • #2 Increased recovery times, which mean exercise costs people more in terms of physical time to recover and also means they can’t actually do as much exercise as they have to spend longer recovering in between their sessions.

So I intend to target both these factors over the next year on my quest to feel 10 years younger in 2022 in an attempt to keep on keeping on until I’m old and ripe.


Well rather than reinvent the wheel I’ve been looking at people who have already done this, who’ve managed to defy Old Father Time.

The best example I can think of is Tom Brady. The 43 year old golden boy, superstar quarterback of the NFL.


Now luckily Tom has released a book The TB12 Method, which I really recommend you read if you’re at all into what I’m talking about. I’ll be stealing a load of Tom’s techniques and incorporating them into my daily life. I’ll be going in depth on the actual techniques I’ll be using in a later video.

The other book which I have found changed my life in this regard is called The Permanent Pain Cure by Ming Chew. This book offers a load of tips and exercises for targeting that most enigmatic of organs, The Fascia. Recently discovered this is the matrix which runs through and over all our muscles encapsulating them and holding them in place.

Basically by targeting this and making it better lubricated, less brittle and softer we give the muscles much more room to move inside of it. Crucially this is something that normal yoga often struggles to target.


All the muscle stretching in the world will only do so much if the container in which the muscles are housed (the fascia) is tight, brittle and prone to breakage.

So basically every morning I’m going to be doing a  round of pliability as championed by Tom Brady.

The pliability will keep my muscles long and soft so injury becomes less of an issue.

How does this work?

Rather than being over tight as they often are when we target train certain muscles, which in turn pulls the surrounding muscles tight resulting in increased tension across the frame and also meaning there is less give in the system in general. Pliability will ensure my muscles remain bouncy and so act like suspension across the entire muscular system. Meaning impacts, twists and torsions can be absorbed much easier rather than something simply snapping.

I’ll follow this up with some very specific fascia stretches, designed to target the particular parts of my body which need work (calves I’m looking at you!).

I’ll be adding in some very specific elements in to my diet (which I talk about here >>) to specifically reduce inflammation, get rid of scar tissue on the fascia and muscles and lubricate the muscles and joints.

These will consist first and foremost of…


Yup that’s right, nothing flashy or expensive here. Plain old boring water.


Water has a HUGE impact on the functioning of our muscles and fascia as it’s the main source of lubrication and serves to keep them plump and bouncy. So I’m going to be drinking tonnes of it (at least 3 litres a day, more in the summer months here) I’ll be adding some electrolytes as a bit of added kick and to ensure if I do over do the amount of water I’m drinking I don’t flush out these essential minerals along the way.

So that will be the first part of the plan…Onto this I’ll tack some supplementation to target very specific tasks:

  • Systemic Enzymes
  • Omega 3
  • Collagen/Gelatin

These should help to eat up scar tissue on the muscle and tendons, further reduce inflammation on top of my low inflammatory diet and lubricate the fascia whilst providing the building blocks to build strong muscles and tendons..

Once I’ve done this for a few months (I’ll let my body be my guide as to when is the right time for this) I will probably add some yoga into the mix. At that point I will really start exercising properly…until this point I will exercise but I will be taking it easy (let’s see, taking it easy isn’t something I do very well!) so I don’t get injured while I’m still preparing my body to work.