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Biohacking – What To Measure (And How To Improve) After 40


I’d been biohacking my heart for a few weeks now…

  • I loved the fact my Heart Rate was that of an Olympic athlete
  • I hated the fact my Heart Rate Variability was in the lowest 2% of the population

(Plus I now knew exactly what time of day to work out to get the most bang for my buck..I mean that’s awesome)

This was back when I was approaching the BIG 4. 0. and I’d just decided to take my life by the balls and not go gentle into that good night…

But I still found myself dangerously close to the “letting it all go and just accepting I was getting old” stage…

So I finally asked my trainer…

“Hey um, Carlos…listen, I’ve been thinking about doing an Ironman…what do you think?”

First he laughed (not ideal) and then he said…

“Oh, you were serious!?”

And then I started crying…

The End.


Well not quite…

Finally after a lot of convincing (and even more eye rolling) he actually believed I was serious.

He told me, “Look if you’re serious about this we have a lot of work to do, but we need to start tracking certain things.”

We need to track so we know what’s working and what’s not, so we can make the absolute best use of our time and not waste time doing things which don’t work.”

He gave me a list of things to track.

This was the game changer in my training, suddenly I knew exactly what I had to be doing, for how long and could measure the exact effects on my fitness.

I’m sure you can see how this works, “what gets measured gets managed.”

Which is exactly what I do in my latest book “Post 40 Secrets.”

In it I run you through all the things you should be measuring after 40 (and how to improve them) to ensure you can keep on performing like you’re 20 years younger.

We look at what to track, how to track it and how to improve it so you can build fitness and stamina whilst burning fat and sending your general performance through the roof.

Grab your free copy here >>


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